Ally Love on the New Adidas x Peloton Collection, Embracing Fake Plants, and the Radical Power of Community

This week, Adidas and Peloton released a new 90s-inspired activewear collection, and Ally Love, a longtime ambassador for both brands, could not be more excited.

The collection, which includes bright oranges and pinks as well as sleek black pieces, is “an ode” to that particular decade that has become a Peloton favorite, Love tells SELF. When you hear that one 90s song, “whether you were growing up, in middle school, or in college, or having your first date, there’s something nostalgic around that and it reminds you of your younger self,” she says. “For many of us, it reminds us of a time and place where things started to really change for us.”

Love helped design some of the pieces (many of which are gender-neutral and come in sizes up to 2X) alongside fellow Peloton instructors Robin Arzón and Cody Rigsby. In particular, she points to the black-and-white speckled bras and leggings, which are meant to evoke the classic (at one time ubiquitous) composition notebook.

Below, we spoke to Love about her life during the pandemic, what she’s learned about herself, and the simple practices that have made things a little easier.

SELF: Obviously, the past year was full of some huge changes for a lot of people. What have those changes felt like for you? Have you learned anything new about yourself?

Ally Love: It’s been a roller-coaster. It has been a wild, fun, exciting, unexpected ride in terms of dealing with COVID-19, friends and family dealing with that, and having to be able to pivot at work to be of service to our community. 

And it has put me in a position to work through some of the racial trauma that I didn’t know existed, to understand what microaggressions are, for instance, and how to talk about those things when it comes to music choices and conversation.

It also has put me in a position to do the work of self-awareness. There are many times that I’ve had to get quiet, that I’ve had to introduce meditation. I pray a lot in my personal life, but I introduced meditation into my practice to get quiet around this self-reflection of why am I who I am? Why do I think these things? Not in a condemning way, but in a one-on-one conversation with myself. 

It’s been eye-opening, heart-opening, encouraging, and it has put me in a position to really feel all the feels and to really lean into my intersectionality, the multifacetedness as a woman, as a Black woman, as a minority, as a leader, as an entrepreneur, as a founder and CEO. I know now who I am a little bit more and I know how to show up for my communities, whether it is the fans of the Brooklyn Nets or our members of Love Squad or Peloton. I know how to show up and be myself and be present.

What has helped you rest, recharge, and get through the last year? Any new habits or tips?

The things that allow me to recharge, which I did not expect is two things: First, I have become obsessed with Audibles. I pop in my AirPods and I listen to books that inspire me to open up and stay curious. Right now I’m listening to A Promised Land by Barack Obama, I’m reading the second section, which talks about community. 

Second, I didn’t know how important the setup of my space was. It wasn’t until I just redid my bedroom—like painted the walls, got new furniture, everything—where I realized this is peace of mind. I have a sense of groundedness. 

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