2020’s First Big Food Trend Is Ice Cubes in Cereal

Yes, the year might only be two days old. Yes, if you’re lucky, you’ve spent most of it sleeping, lying around on a couch watching Netflix, cooking something nice, or some combination of the three. And yet, it’s also undeniable that the year’s first major, transformational food trend has already emerged. Yes, Grub is talking about putting ice cubes in your cereal.

The innovative technique was shared last night by former Kiss frontman and apparent food scientist Gene Simmons. It elicited the appropriately overblown reactions required for something to qualify as a trend, with Time claiming the “hack is melting down social media,” the site Metal Injection declaring it “very unique,” and the New York Daily News deeming his photo “gross.” (It’s just ice cubes???) Further qualifying it as a “new” trend for white people is the fact that a woman of color talked about doing this exact thing ten years ago.

Will “iced cereal” be the hot new brunch item of 2020? What about iced cereal-milk soft serve? Cereal-flavored ice? The year is so full of promise.

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